Belgian Hardcore Groove band to complete the line-up

Antwerp’s Hardcore Groove formation Behind Bars is the final addition to the Achterhoeks Metalfest 2024 edition. The band will deliver some quality, face-melting metal on the stage of Eibergen’s “Openluchttheater” on May 18th.

Are you into aggressive, face-melting, hardcore groove metal? Behind Bars is a band you need to check out!
Risen from the undergrounds near Antwerp Belgium in 2015, this four-headed energy bomb has been making names for themselves ever since. The most memorable achievement of the band is winning the Belgian Wacken Battle in 2018, merely three years into their career. Which gave them the opportunity to play at the holy grounds of Wacken Open Air in that same year. Nothing has been the same ever since.
In their first year they already released a demo (Breaking Out-2016) containing 3 raw, hard-hitting tracks. The next step was releasing an EP (Our Escape – 2017), featuring ‘Wake Up’ & ‘Six Feet Deep’, which they still include in their live sets today, and a first full album (Free At Last – 2019). Because of this, Behind Bars received many good reviews from all over the world, gathered more and more fans and were more ready than ever to start touring through Europe, until the massive COVID-19 outbreak messed everything up.
However, this didn’t stop them from writing new music.  After the pandemic, they announced a second full album called ‘All In Due Time’. This was released in March, 2023.
According to Rock Tribune (BeNeLux) & Metalized (DK), All In Due Time deserves 8/10!
“The only thing this band is missing is a record label” – Rock Tribune.
Over the course of 8 years, the band states:
“We are very proud what we have achieved so far, and we’re not planning on stopping anytime soon! Our latest album All In Due Time is the definition of ‘hard work pays off’. This made dreams come true for us. The privilege of playing at Antwerp Metal Fest, Herrie and being direct support for Pro-Pain twice is indescribable. We are most definitely looking forward to what the future has in store for us! Thank you to all our fans for your undying support! We wouldn’t exist without you!”

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