Ons doel is ieder jaar een kwalitatief sterke line-up neer te zetten. Eén met de nodige variatie, maar die toch goed op elkaar aansluit. Line-ups van vorige edities vind je onder Festival Info > Historie.

De line-up van de komende editie vind je hieronder:

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Napalm Death (Headliner)

Art reflects life. Extreme times demand extreme responses. Silence sucks. Noise is always the answer. And yes, NAPALM DEATH
continue to be one of the few bands on this planet that adhere to all these principles and more. For the last three decades,
their name as been synonymous with heavy music taken to the extreme – music that confronts, confounds and eviscerates in
equal measure.

Overruled (Thrash Metal, Hoogeveen)

Overruled delivers your much needed dose of thrash and speed metal! This 4-piece powerhouse from the Netherlands is known for their energetic performances, ripping hard and going fast! Sharpen your blades and prepare to get wild, because Overruled is coming for you!

Enma (Progressive Metal, Tilburg)

Afkomstig uit de spelonken van de hoofdstad van heavy muziek, Tilburg, staat de nieuwe band ENMA garant voor een breed spectrum aan heaviness. Van progressieve metal riffs a la Opeth en Tool tot de gruizige grooves uit de Seattle grunge tijd, van introspectieve melancholia tot stevige uitbarstingen.

Burial Remains (Old School Death Metal)

Dutch brutal force BURIAL REMAINS spews forth old school death metal the Swedish way. Formed in 2017 to honor the legacy of ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, GRAVE and CARNAGE, the band quickly grew into an entity of its own, playing leading underground events like Pitfest, Schoonebeek Deathfest and Drachten Deathfest.


APHYXION are not ones to succumb to genre definitions, and the release of their third full-length album ‘Void’ in 2019 marked the switch from their death metal heritage towards a more contemporary metalcore sound. Creating something that already elevated the band to a new level this band keeps moving boundaries, for themselves but also for their ever-growing followership.

APHYXION band foto


M ˈ o͞ ˌouflon ( m of lôN) (Ovis orientalis orientalis group) subspecies of the wild sheep.
Mouflon’s conquest began back in 2012 under the morbid influence of such
infernal genre forefathers as Entombed, Autopsy, Grave, Demigod and Asphyx.

Man as Plague

Man as Plague is a ferocious Metal foursome from the Netherlands, blending Death Metal, Deathcore and Hardcore together with synths and samples into a vicious mix of brutality and melody that is sure to captivate fans of any style of metal. The band has recently been making waves in the Dutch metal scene with their intense and energetic live shows. Their new album, aptly named “Titanomachy”, promises to capture the energy of these live shows in 13 punishing tracks with lyrics dealing with the parallels between Greek mythology and current events.

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